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Why Your Carpet Stain has Reappeared

12/10/2013 Back To Blog

Unfortunately spills happen, but it can be incredibly frustrating to notice that the spot that you spent time and effort completing stain removal steps on has reappeared. These stains can not only compromise the aesthetic look of your flooring, but can attract dirt and debris or cause a problem with odor. Removal of these stains is essential to prevent this. There are two main reasons why stains reappear:Why Your Carpet Stain has Reappeared

There is a Residue:

A residue is what is left within the fibers of your flooring after improper carpet cleaning. This is usually the remains of a cleaning product. Even eco friendly products can leave this type of residue. While the removal of the stain appears to have been effective, this sticky residue left behind attracts particles of dirt and other debris causing a dirty spot to reappear a day or two later.

You should always check that the spot removal product you intend to use is suitable for your flooring. Many stains can be avoided by quickly blotting away spills. However, if a stain has formed and you are using some form of treatment, then ensure you follow the instructions fully and rinse away any excess product.


Wicking is a very common cause of stains and spots. This happens when a spill has soaked down into the fibers of the flooring. The initial spot that you clean is simply the visible stain in the surface of the carpeting, as this cleaned part of the remaining spill wicks up the fibers to replace this surface stain. This is particularly common with oily types of stains or those which have soaked through into the backing of the flooring.

If you have had a larger spill, you can prevent the stain from wicking. After you have finished your house carpet cleaning and the area is still a little damp, use a clean white cloth to place over the mark. Fold the cloth several times and place plastic over it, then stack a heavy object such as books on top. This will allow any remaining stain to wick up through the fibers and into the cloth. Re-clean any remaining visible stain. This may need to be repeated several times.

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