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How can you clean carpets soaked iIn flood water?

If your carpets have been soaked in flood water for some time, it would be helpful if you quickly call a professional carpet cleaner and restorer for this job. Technicians from Carpet Cleaning Manhattan Beach stress that these rugs which have been soaked in flood water should be cleaned and dried within twelve to twenty-four hours, using the appropriate restoration processes and solutions. But when contaminated by untreated sewage or heavy soiling, it's recommended that you dispose of it including its pad to prevent any growth of infectious bacteria that can be harmful to homeowners.

Do I need to maintain my vacuum cleaner when carpet cleaning?

Your home vacuum cleaner must be properly functional to ensure optimum performance for cleaning rugs and carpets. Also, its filter should be cleaned regularly to prevent dust to simply float again in the air that may cause you irritation. If possible, carpet cleaning contractors recommend checking the tubes and nozzles for any obstruction that can affect the vacuum's suction power. The motor should be maintained every 2-3 years by oiling the moving parts to prevent overheating and friction.

How fast does mold start growing on wet carpets?

If you spot a wet portion on your carpet, promptly dry it up as molds and mildew can thrive on them after a day or even after a shorter period of time. In most cases, molds grow on damp carpet portions that are not easily noticeable. That’s why it is suggested to do regular comprehensive checking on your carpets.

How long does carpet cleaning take?

Depending on the size of the house, carpet cleaning can last anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. It would also depend on the condition of the carpet. Large and dirty carpets can take longer to clean than small and relatively clean ones. Our experts say that with current technology and equipment, carpet cleaning should not take too long.

Are carpets made of different materials?

Yes. Our experts recommend knowing the type and material of your carpet since it is important for the cleaners to note. More sensitive carpets require milder carpet cleaning with the use of products that are not harmful to the material. It is advisable to avoid the use of strong detergents to be safe.

Should I hang washed rugs to dry on the rack for clothes?

This is not a good idea for most types of rugs as all the water will accumulate at the two ends. If it does not evaporate quickly, mold may grow inside. It is best if you lay rugs flat for drying. If you have a wide enough flat rack, you can use it for the purpose.

Is it a good idea to vacuum carpet with loose yarn?

No, it isn’t. The suction will pull the loose fibers and make the problem worse. The best way to approach the problem is to snip the snugs to make the pile smooth and even once again. Then you can vacuum the floor properly.

Should I do anything before a carpet cleaning expert comes over?

It would help if you pre-vacuum your carpet prior to their arrival. It can also help if you remove fragile objects from the room before we arrive to avoid accidents.


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