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If you are looking for good carpet cleaning solutions, click browse our site and get the best tips! Learn how you can keep rugs for generations, how to treat their fringes and how to choose the best colors for your kid's room.

Handmade rugs must last for generations

Your beautiful handmade oriental rugs must and can last for generations. The secret hides in the right rug cleaning procedures. All specialists at Carpet Cleaning Manhattan Beach also suggest keeping them away from the sun and protecting them from water damage. You need to try out all ecofriendly products in a small corner before you use them for the whole surface to protect the colors.

Best rug colors for kids' rooms

The colors do not have to follow the gender of the child. Follow your inventive mind to find ways to enhance the imagination of the kid and keep it motivated and intrigued. Choose light colors for the nursery and intense colors for later. Nice depictions would keep children going and perhaps busy since many of them embody whole games. Choose medium height piles to make rug cleaning easier.

Don't vacuum carpet fringes

The fringes of oriental rugs are very sensitive. Although your rugs will need to be vacuumed often, you must not vacuum the fringes because they might be cut off or lose their beauty. Fringes are made of different materials and some are more resistant than others but still you should only hand clean them and wash them carefully.

Use the right tools

Just like in any other home errands, it is important to use the proper tools for carpet cleaning. The scrub that you use for your tiles, for example, should not be used for your carpet as it may have microscopic bacteria that could be transferred to the carpet. Maintain the quality of the carpet by using the right equipment.

Dry carpet properly

Wet carpet poses a number of problems, which is why it must be dried properly when treating stains. A clean white bath towel makes the perfect drying implement as you can also use it to brush the nap back to a standing position. If this doesn't work, use a 3/4-inch thick stack of white towels instead.

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